Sunday, August 4, 2013

Educents Sight Word Practice Set from Teaching in Blue Jeans

I'm here to share another great deal with you being offered through Educents.

This sight word pack is normally $31.00 but if you purchase it through Educents, you can get it for $7.99!!! That's right that's a 74% discount! See below for more details about this amazing offer.

Sight Words – one of the underlying foundations to reading and writing.  A solid understanding and mastery of these most frequently used words in the English language help a child not only begin to read those first books, but also develop fluency and automaticity in their reading.  This in turn leads to comprehension which is the goal of reading – deriving meaning from words.  However, sight words are also some of the most difficult to learn because many do not follow the typical phonics patterns.   This set is designed to make the practice and review of sight words fun and engaging for the child.

Who is it for?
  • Recommended ages 4-10 / Pre-K – 3rd grade
  • Teachers and homeschooling parents who want a multi-sensory approach to practicing sight words
  • Parents who want to help their child get ahead in reading
  • Parents of a struggling reader looking for a multi-sensory approach to learning, reviewing and practicing sight words
What is Included?
In this deal you will receive the following products focused on sight word instruction and review:
  • Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages for the complete list of 220 Dolch Sight Words.  Each page includes a section to read it, trace it, write it, rainbow write it, find it and build it.  Perfect for whole group instruction, independent practice, or as part of a learning center rotation.  These pages are divided according to the Dolch word list which makes it easy to differentiate for students at different levels.
  • Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages for the common color words (black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow)
  • Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages for the number words from zero to ten
  • Sight Word Sticker Book for a fun and motivating way to encourage kids to learn and practice their sight words.  When words are fluently read, the child earns a sticker next to the word.  This set includes pages for the alphabet (to practice letter names and sounds), color words, number words, and 150 of the most common sight words.  Choose from four different cover
    options.  Also includes a progress monitoring data sheet for all the pages in the sticker book.

Why buy?
  • Easy to use for both teacher and student
  • Makes learning sight words fun and hands-on
  • Ready to download, print, and use today
What Others are Saying:
  • My kids LOVE these! It keeps them very engaged.” -KJNelson (3/27/2013)
  • “Thank you so much! My students AND I love these! They are a great "wake up" activity. :)” -Angela B.  (4/16/2013)
  • I am so excited to send this home with my students!” -tcater (2/17/2013)
How does the deal work?
  • Download link will be sent via e-mail
  • All sales are final
So head HERE to grab your copy of the Sight Word Practice Set. Don't hesitate, this offer is only good for 7 more days!

Until Next Time...

Remember to Always Have FUN Learning!

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