Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grammaropolis Deal on Educents

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Hope that your Tuesday has been terrific so far! I just wanted to share an awesome deal available at Educents right now!

Grammaropolis is where grammar lives! Hailed as a Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st
Century, Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters starring in
books, songs, videos, and interactive games. This innovative, classroom-proven
approach blends character-based content with more traditional quiz-based assessment
and is designed to address students' varied learning styles. Because the parts of
speech are personified based on their roles in the sentence, the characterization
provides students with a more effective way to visualize and internalize the roles of the
parts of speech and to identify how a sentence is put together. This deal includes
unlimited access to Grammaropolis for up to 5 students!

Who is it for?
*  Kids who would love learning about grammar if only it weren't so boring
*  Parents who want to help their children with their homework but might need a
*  Homeschoolers searching for a comprehensive parts of speech curriculum
*  Teachers eager to address the varied learning styles of their students and to
incorporate an innovative approach to grammar in their classrooms
*  ESL learners of all ages

What do you receive with this amazing deal?
  •   Forever Passport to Grammaropolis includes
    •   One-time fee
  •  Unlimited access to every part of speech for up to 5 students
  •  8 different parts of speech
  •  20 animated shorts
  •  9 animated music videos
  •  28 different quiz categories
  •  9 illustrated books
  •  5 student accounts
So why should you buy this?
  •  Grammaropolis is lots of fun! Our innovative blend of creative content and traditional instruction includes every part of speech!
  •  A firm grasp of grammar is an essential building block for effective communication in any subject.
  •  Don’t teach grammar with memorization and drills any longer!
  •  Try noun neighborhood on the site for free HERE
How does the deal work?
  •  Voucher expires on December 31, 2013
  •  Customer will need to enter credit card information to set up account, but will not be charged.
  •  All sales are final
So now that you have all the details,  go HERE to order Grammaropolis!

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