Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tired of Stepping on Crayons?!?

How many times have you been walking around your classroom and you step on a crayon? I can't begin to tell you how many times I have found crayons on the floor. The worse part is when someone steps on it and then it gets smeared on to the floor and then we have to figure out how in the heck we are going to get it up so that the floor is not destroyed. Not only that how many times have your students said to you "I don't have that color". Millions, right! Last year I had a big light bulb turn on in my head and I decided that it was time that I find a way for there not to be so many crayons on the floor and a way for students to be able to have the colors that they need for activities. What was my solution you ask? Well I decided to create a Crayon Lost & Found (see picture below)

I created this extremely helpful two from the lids of two of the boxes that reams of copy paper come in. I covered it in cardstock and then used my Cricut (LOVE using this machine for classroom projects) to cut the letters and images.

So how does it work?!? Simple, when the students find a crayon on the floor rather than trying to figure out who it belongs to, they place in the Lost & Found. Then when someone says that they do not have a certain color, they simply head over to the lost & found, borrow the color they need, and then return it. No more arguments over someone taking someone elses crayons, or stepping on crayons that have been left on the floor.

I must say that this was sooo helpful last year, and I'm excited to introduce this to my group of students this coming year. I hope to be able to make a few more of these for a few of the teachers at my school.

Well that's all I have for today.
Remember to Have Fun Learning!

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