Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Operation Classroom Preparation

Yesterday I finally had the chance to get into my classroom and get my teaching mojo going! It was exciting to see some of my co-workers and see how anxious everyone was to get into thier rooms and start getting things done. I was only there for a few hours but I did manage to get a lot of furniture moved to the approximate place that I wanted it to be. Since I moved into a new classroom, I'm not quite sure if everything will turn out the way that I envision it to, but that's okay if it doesn't because I can always make changes. Yesterday and today I plan to work on the room arrangement and get everything unpacked from my old room. Then I can dive head first into the decorating part, the FUN part of it all! :)

When I came home last night I was very motivated to get cracking on some of the things I will need for my room this year. Every year I create bathroom passes to go with the theme in my room/school. This year our school is going with a Patriotic theme, but we are always able to put our own spin on things, which I always do :)! My plan is to incorporate red, white, and blue but through stars and fireworks! I'm excited because I know my students will LOVE it too! Lots of sparkle & shine!

When I started working on the passes I wasn't quite sure what I wanted them to look like. Once I started rolling with them, they just sort of came together and I LOVE the end result!

These still aren't quite finished. I need to drill a hole in the top to add some ribbon so that they can hang on the hooks that I will have by my door. Ireally hope that these last through the year! I put LOTS of sealant on them!!! :)

Be sure to check back throughout the week as I post updates on my progress with my classroom and other FUN stuff!

Until Next Time...

Remember to ALWAYS have FUN learning!!

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