Monday, April 14, 2014

What Time Is It?

It’s SPRING BREAK time!! This break couldn’t have come at a better time! It is much needed and I’m looking forward to spending the week catching up on some things that I’ve been putting off, such as blogging (hangs head in shame), and hanging out with my new nephew who was born less than a week ago! Smile 

We’ve had a busy start to spring in our classroom, including learning all about telling time! Lucky for me, I had some wonderful goodies sent to me from Creative Teaching Press, which included some blank analog clocks. These came in handy for having my students review not only how to read an analog clock to the hour and half hour, but they were able to draw right on them, using a dry erase marker that is!





My kiddos had so much fun showing me that they were beginning to master this skill. I have a group set placed in each of my table bins and whenever we have some down time, I just tell my kiddos to whip out their clocks and give them a random time to represent.

Some other ways that I think that these could be used is to have the clocks taped to students desks and have them write one of their peers names at a specific number. When doing partner work, students could be told that your “appointment” at 9:00 is your partner for this activity. At least it would take a little pressure off you of having to assign partners. Of course you’d still have to keep an eye on those 2 students that you always try your best to keep apart.

What are some other ways that you could use these clocks in your classroom?

Want to snag these for your own classroom? Be sure to stop on over at CTP to grab them up!

I’ve got some pretty exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait to share! Smile 

Until Next Time…

Remember to Always Have Fun Learning!

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